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What do I actually do?

I am often asked, what is it that your actually do? How are you different from other therapists? 

I've tried to answer that to the point as I can. After all, it's exactly what I would want to know.

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What do I do? That depends on the person I'm treating and what they are looking for. The question I'll answer is - what can you do?

I can rehabilitate your body from injury all the way through to getting you to a place where your risk of re-injury is significantly reduced.

I can treat your muscles, joints, nervous system, digestive system, skeletal system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. All of these systems impact all of the systems of your body, so it would be accurate to say that I can influence the entire body or holistically.

I can fully assess what your body can actually do, without guess work. I can then train your body from  a position of pain, a lack of mobility and poor posture all the way through to stability training, strength training and up to full power training if required.

I can take athletes from their current level of fitness and make them elite.

I can help you shape your body towards the natural, athletic way that it was designed to be.

I can look in-depth at your lifestyle factors and identify the areas that you are not making good choices with. I can then clearly describe and explain the best way for you to move forward with these areas, explain what the knock-on affects are to not making lifestyle adjustments and give you the best guidance and promote you towards health in those areas. 

 I can work with the emotional aspect of life and support you in nurturing your emotional development.

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