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Postnatal Treatment in Oxford

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to investigate postnatal treatment beyond the traditional and somewhat lacking process that is offered to you as standard.

Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties since your pregnancy, or perhaps you are lining up the best recovery process possible, ahead of time.

Whatever your current situation, I am experienced in the rehabilitation process and am confident that I can support you through the most uniquely tailored recovery process.

How pregnancy can affect a women's body

Without going into an essay - the development of your baby will lead to some magnificent postural adaptations by your body in order to allow for the smoothest delivery possible.

These adaptations, combined with the delivery process require that the body is rehabilitated back to normal posture and function. In fact, my goal is to take you to a place of greater health than it was prior to your pregnancy through the application of the most orthopedically sound training that can all be performed from the comfort of your own home or gym.

Postnatal rehabilitation

Specific complications with pregnancy

Complications of pregnancy can include:

- Vaginal or c-section delivery.

- Loss/reduction of pelvic floor strength, hip flexor strength, transverse abdominal strength.

- Diastasis, which must be corrected before you engage in abdominal flexion.

- Breathing mechanic disorders and pelvic/spinal alignment issues.

- C-section scars and scar tissue.

Post natal treatment in Oxford

Going forward

Women are told to return to 'normal' activities 6 weeks after birth, and are given the green light from their doctor to start going to the gym again to shed their pregnancy weight.

This is when we fail women, and set them up for a lifetime of challenge that they accept as their own fault or due to genetics.

It is precisely at this point where I come in. I can skilfully guide you through the process back to health and fitness. I am able to fully assess you to find out exactly why you are experiencing issues and create a treatment protocol specific to your exact needs.  Please feel free to contact me, have a talk about what I can do for you, answer any questions you may have. Also, please feel free to bring your partner or friend with you to any appointments you wish.

Postnatal treatment in Oxford
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