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Sports Massage Oxford

Sports Massage Oxford

Sports massage is a skill that assists the muscles in the body to function to the best of their ability. Sports massage not only releases tension within the muscles but also helps to release built up 'trigger points', realign scar tissue and hugely increase the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. ​ All of these sports massage Oxford benefits are crucial as without releasing the tension or blockages the muscle will become inhibited and not function correctly. When this occurs the body will experience increased stress due to compensation and faulty movement patterns - this then leads to reduced athletic performance and an increase in the risk of injury. The removal of waste products from sports massage can also have profound affects on all of the systems in the body. As all body systems are clearly linked together, sports massage forms a major part of our holistic health and wellbeing on multiple levels. Just think how a poorly functioning digestion system impacts the body, could it be possible that digestion impacts the muscle health... clearly. As therapist in Oxford, I am very aware that a knowledge of how each body system can severely impact another body system is what will separate a basic therapist from a good therapist and with continued knowledge, a good therapist from a great therapist. A great therapist can impart knowledge that is specific to you and not give the same advice to everyone... we are all unique!

This is the same for exercise prescription and every other aspect of a healthy life.

Sports massage therapy for sports injuries and pain in Oxford area
Sports massage in Oxford

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