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Sciatica Treatment in Oxford

Updated: Mar 14

Sciatica can be a truly unpleasant experience to say the least. I have been through it myself, with the numbness, pain and inability to move properly or even straighten my leg out at all. Firstly, let me reassure you of the answer to a question that, when I was going through this, no one could answer.

Q: Is a possible to make a complete recovery from sciatica?

A: Absolutely, yes. You've got to get the correct sciatica rehabilitation process in place with someone who knows how this is fully achieved.

I've been through the process myself and I've rehabilitated many people with sciatica and trapped or compressed nerves.

What is sciatica?

Simply put, sciatica is triggered by an irritation or compression on the sciatic nerve.

What I can do to heal sciatica

To truly cure sciatica I need to fully assess your body to know why sciatica happened in the first place. I will then be able to treat your body and improve your recovery rate. Simply put, I want to get you out of sciatic pain and moving again as fast and effectively as possible.

Sciatica recovery

Once you are recovered from the pain and restrictions of sciatica we want to prevent sciatica from coming back again. I will train your body to 'chase the injury' as far out of your system as possible. If you want to get back to sport, then I know how to prepare your body for that. Your body wants to heal, it just needs the correct help to get there.

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