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Elite Athlete Training

Who is this for?

Anyone serious about extending their athletic level to gain as much advantage as possible in the competitive setting.

This is not for people who look for short cuts.

You must have the most committed attitude to your training to achieve success as an elite level athlete.

Personal training Oxford. Elite functional training for improved athletic performance and injury rehabilitation.

How long does this take?

An elite level athlete understands that this is until you retire and cycles from one year to the next as the competitive and non-competitive cycles change. As a loose rule of thumb, a single training programme will last approximately 6 weeks and we progress from one programme to the next at the pace that your schedule, competitive season stage and lifestyle allow.

Will I need a gym membership?

I can adapt your training to suit most of your needs, especially if you travel around lots to compete, however, having access to a gym with good quality free weights, Olympic bars, cable machines and Swiss balls are vital for your training.

I'm interested, so what do I do now?

Great! Simply, pick up the phone and give me a call.

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What can I expect the training to be like?

Totally specific to your body and your specific sporting requirements. This training is very concise and in-depth, you will be made fully aware of precisely why you are doing what you are doing, how it is relevant to you and your specific sport.​

I will perform a complete breakdown of the bio-motor abilities (power, strength, coordination, endurance, balance, speed, flexibility and agility) your body needs to compete at the top level. 

The movement pattern requirements for your sport will also be analysed so that training is precisely structured to your sport.

Training will begin at the exact point that your body arrives to me. This will be analysed by quantifiable assessment that does not involve guess work. From this starting point I am able to carefully monitor your progress so your goals are always being moved towards. 

Sports injury clinic Oxford. Elite athlete training in Oxford.
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