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Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

My journey into sports massage and injury rehabilitation

I have established a sports injury clinic in Oxford that is dedicated to to the highest level of injury rehabilitation.

I utilise in depth analysis of your body to gain a true and accurate understanding of your current health and fitness levels.


This sports injury clinic provides physical therapy treatment combined with fully integrated functional rehabilitation all in one hub, so that all of your injury rehabilitation needs are met in one location.

My Story

I obtained a degree in Sports Science at De Montfort University, Leicester and continued my education at De Montfort University, Bedford where I obtained my BSc (HONS) in Sports Studies before completing a PGCE in Secondary Physical Education. I then went on to teach Physical Education for 20 years.


I have had a love of sports and fitness from a young age. I competed in athletics at national level, competing in the 400m event as a junior and have enjoyed playing basketball at national league level.


I have been interested in rehabilitation of the human body for a number of years and, like most athletes, I have had experiences with dealing with chronic injury and pain and completing the process of recovery back into sport.


It was going through such processes myself that inspired me to increase my knowledge of the human body and help people to get out of pain and get the best production from their body.


This path led me to gain a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy. Since then I have been studying with the CHEK institute to deepen my knowledge of the full injury rehabilitation process. It is the skills that I have learned and developed with the CHEK institute that have enabled me to be able to be to fully rehabilitate the body from injury and advance its' functionality. 

I am now a fully qualified CHEK Practitioner. This enables me to build a very comprehensive understanding of my clients current situation. 

I am also an Holistic Lifestyle Coach, which means that I have the knowledge and skills to be able to address the bigger picture when it comes to healing and progressing one to vitality and function for living. 

I see it as a responsibility to continue my study for the remainder of my professional career and am constantly expanding my skill base to benefit my clients.


BSc (HONS) Sports Studies, DMU Bedford

Level 5 Professional Diploma (SRF) in Soft Tissue Therapy, OSSM

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Institute

Integrated Movement Science Level 1, CHEK Institute 

Scientific Core Conditioning, CHEK Institute

Scientific Back Training, CHEK Institute

Scientific Shoulder Training, CHEK Institute

Program Design, CHEK Institute

Advanced Program Design, CHEK Institute

Equal But Not The Same (specific to women), CHEK Institute

Swiss Ball Training, CHEK Institute

Advanced Swiss Ball Training, CHEK Institute

Dynamic Medicine Ball Training, CHEK Institute

Primal Pattern Movement, CHEK Institute

Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections, CHEK Institute

Scientific Stretching, CHEK Institute

The Science and Application of Infant Development for Adults, CHEK Institute

PGCE Physical Education, DMU Bedford

HND Sports Science, DMU Leicester

Reiki Practitioner Level II, London

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