Sports Massage Oxford

This is a 5 Staged process for treating people with any of the following:

• Chronic injuries

• Rehabilitation from an injury or surgery.

• Your body gets painful throughout the day and you don't know why.

• You've been having treatment for pain and it doesn't really seem to be improving.

• You want your body to have the best chance of lifelong fitness.


Stage 1 - Consultation

The first stage of effectively healing your body is to get you to come in for a free 30 minute consultation. During this time we will discuss your current situation and the history surrounding it. Often our bodies have been compensating for an injury that we picked up a long time ago and haven't realised that the pain we are feeling is actually originating from a problem somewhere completely different in our body. This is why only treating the injured area usually gives short-term relief... quick fixes are never the best option for your long-term health.

We will also discuss what you want from the treatment, be that anything from being able to move around daily without pain or to return to competitive sports.


Stage 2 - Assessment

I will make a number of key assessments of your whole body so we are both clear about what is truly going on inside. If an accurate and reliable assessment is not performed then we are simply guessing as to what is happening in your body.

Stage 3 - Massage / Muscular Therapy (Postural correction)

From this point I can begin to restore health to your muscles/joints through various soft tissue massage techniques. There are often 'trigger points' and short-tight muscles that need treating to alleviate pain and restore balance to the body. For some people, this stage can last for several sessions, enabling a full treatment of all muscles identified through the assessment as requiring help.

Stage 4 - Flexibility (Postural correction)

In this stage I will create a stretch program that is specific to your body, as identified by the assessment stage. Your program will be taught to you before stage 3 has been completed so you can start taking care of your own body. The importance of getting this right can not be overstated. Strength training and participating in sport with a poorly balanced muscular system will lead to more complications within your body.

No good comes from constantly having physical treatment without being taught how to do something about it for yourself. It keeps money going from your bank account and doesn't empower you in the long-term.

Stage 5 - Functional Conditioning

Up to this point the short-tight muscles have been treated and stretched. One of the main reasons they went tight in the first place was because some muscles went long and weak so they tried to do their job. This has to be addressed otherwise you will only keep going back into pain.

I will create and teach you how to first stabilise your body and then how to strengthen it. Strength training without a solid stabilised base is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe... it really won't work.

Your body works through functional mechanics and not in an isolated manner - gym machines unfortunately usually only isolate which is not how your body works in the real world. Your body will be trained into fully integrated movement patterns that will give you every opportunity to live the engaging life you choose to lead.

Sports Massage Headington

For keeping your body in good health and helping it function at its best. For treating people with any of the following:

• Your body feels tired/tight.

• You've been exercising or competing hard.

• You want to prepare your body the best you can for exercise or competition.

• You've picked up an injury and you would like a treatment to help.

• You’re not sure if you want the remedial therapy option, so you want to try this out first to see if I'm the right therapist for you.


At the beginning of your first appointment we will discuss your present situation, what you are looking to achieve and perform any assessment of your body that is required (some people simply want a sports massage so this part of the process is very simple). The session will then comprise of sports massage treatment that will help you to achieve the results you are looking for.



All sessions are one hour long and charged at a rate of £60.

Sports Injury and rehabilitation