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Sports injury clinic in Oxford

Sports Injury Clinic Oxford

Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Massage Therapy
Experienced Therapist
CHEK Practitioner

Injury Rehabilitation Oxford

I am a injury rehabilitation therapist that is concerned with finding the cause of your problems and pain, not just focusing on your symptoms.

Professional sports massage and remedial therapy and the highest quality injury rehabilitation in Oxford as a licenced CHEK practitioner and level 5 soft tissue therapist. Getting you recovered from sports injuries, enabling your body to move freely and athletically, and getting you out of pain.

Injury rehabilitation is achieved by assessing and treating your body as a whole unit, not just individual parts, to find the underlying cause of your sports injury pain or weakness.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation. That way you can see if I'm the right therapist for you with no payment.

Sports Injury Clinic OXford

Licenced CHEK Practitioner

I am a fully licensed CHEK practitioner. Many people ask 'What is a CHEK practitioner?'. Here is the start of a short answer to that question. Click the link for the remainder of the description.

"What makes a CHEK Practitioner unique is the level of detail involved in assessing EVERY new client and patient, and in the design of their individual, structured coaching plan. CHEK programmes incorporate musculoskeletal balance and typically start with advanced corrective exercise. The same principles are applied for all levels of health and fitness; from persistent health challenges through to improving elite professional athletic performance."

Sports massage in Oxford

Holistic coaching Oxford

What sets a CHEK Practitioner apart
from all other health or fitness
professionals is that we always look at
the WHOLE picture when working with
our clients. 

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) is
a system that has been practised and
perfected over two decades by CHEK
Institute Founder Paul Chek.


At the heart of HLC is the ‘CHEK 4 Doctors’ system, a process of extensive evaluation and structured coaching.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaches work with
clients to address any factors that are
negatively affecting their health and
wellbeing including:

• Stress and anxiety reduction
• Structure and planning
• Sleep improvements

• Maintaining a healthy natural weight
• Primal Pattern® diet testing,
food planning and coaching
• Hormonal regulation
• 4 Doctors assessments
• Digestive issues

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